Q1. What is your age limit?

A.We have no age limit. We enjoy serving customers from a wide age range 20s to 70s.

Q2. I don't know where Fukui is, can you give me simple directions?

A.From the Kansai Area: 2 hours by Thunderbird from Osaka station.
From the Kanto Area: 3.5 hours by Tokaido Bullet Train to JR Maibara station, transfer to Shirasagi Train,Hokuriku Line.

Q3. How far is it from Fukui station to Marry Mariee?

A.Take Etsumihokusen line from JR Fukui station to Hanando station, walk 10 minutes to Marry Mariee. Or 10 minutes by car from Fukui station. Click here for a more detailed map.

Q4. Can I bring my own small accessories or props to use during the photo shoot?

A.Sure, as long as these are no safety issues. It's no problem.

Q5. Can I bring my own wig or hair piece?

A.Of course! If you want to bring your own it's no problem.

Q6. I don't usually wear make up, I'm a little worried about whether or not the make up will set well with me.

A.Don't worry! Before your transformation you will get a fresh shave, so your make up will set well.

Q7. What are your rules or manners for making the shoot as enjoyable as possible?

A.Marry Mariee is a special girl's dress shop, so before coming, please take a shower, please come in your favorite, clean clothes so we can understand your personal taste and give you the best advise on your dress options.

Q8. Can I bring my own dress?

A.Basically, we ask that you do not bring your own dress. However, we will consider using your dress if consulted.